NextPost - Auto Post, Schedule & Manage your Instagram Multi Accounts - PHP Script

Themeforest NextPost – Auto Post, Schedule & Manage your Instagram Multi Accounts – PHP Script download

NextPost is an Instagram auto posting web application that allows you to auto post, schedule and manage your Instagram accounts at the same time. With NextPost, you can post and assess your posts in a single panel and save time managing multiple Instagram accounts.

Instagram was designed to help users capture events as they transpire and stay updated about their friends,
family and customers. Real-time posting may be the best way to use it, but not everyone has the luxury of time
to update their Instagram account in real time. The native version of the social media platform allows you to view
Instagram content and communicate with your followers and the people you are following, but it doesn’t allow you to upload anything.
There are some tools that allow you to upload videos and photos, but they don’t let you schedule your content. With NextPost,
you don’t need to worry about managing several Instagram accounts and posting content.

NextPost boasts the following features to help you save time and focus on more important matters:

  • User-friendly design
  • Post Now function
  • Schedule posts
  • Multi Instagram Accounts
  • Cloud Drives and PayPal Integration
  • Automatically Post Photos, Stories and Videos
  • Internal User Management
  • Emoji Support
  • Statistics
  • Instagram auto post – Automatically post same content to all Instagram accounts
  • Packages Subscription
  • Secure Password Hashing
  • Mobile Responsive Design

NextPost is easy to install and has a mobile responsive design, so it will maintain its look even when viewed using mobile devices.

Auto Posting and Scheduling in One Tool

Instagram has its own special features that you have to master if you want to use it drive more traffic to your site and generate more leads for your business. If your customers are on Instagram, it is even more important that you create your own Instagram account and connect with them.

There’s no need to spend all day uploading content on your Instagram account when you can use a tool that automatically posts your stories, photos and videos on Instagram. That’s what you’ll get from NextPost. Now, you can get the most out of every post with NextPost’s Instagram
auto post function. Just choose the time you’d like to upload your content and NextPost will take care of the rest. It also gives you a real-time preview of your Instagram account.

Schedule Your Posts

NextPost allows you to schedule your posts at a future date to save time. You don’t even need to log-in and out of various social media platforms as you can conveniently manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single place.

Import Images from Cloud Drives

You can import images from your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts using NextPost. This way, you don’t need to log-in on every account. Just use Nextpost and save time!

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously

Nextpost allows you to post to your Instagram accounts simultaneously. As you add content to your Instagram, Nextpost automatically posts the same content to your other accounts.

TuneVoyage - Follow to Download (SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube/Mixcloud) & Smart Link System

Themeforest TuneVoyage – Follow to Download (SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube/Mixcloud) & Smart Link System download

Download Gate: View | Smart Link: View | Bridge (Combined): View | Catalog: View | Admin Zone: View

TuneVoyage is a web based application and catalog, that combines two powerful marketing tools to help musicians, bands, labels and other content creators organically grow their fan base on various social networks by trading free downloads for social engagement and new followers (via download gates), convert more fans to streams and downloads by redirecting them to their favorite store or streaming service via smart links and keep track on the growth.

Build With Popular Frameworks
TuneVoyage’s back-end is built with the popular PHP framework Codeigniter 3 and uses HTML 5 / CSS 3 / jQuery, Bootstrap 3 and Smarty for the front-end.

Key Features
• Download Gates (Follow to Download)
Ask your listeners to follow you or like content in order to unlock a download.

• Smart Links
Beautiful landing pages for your commercial releases with all the links to streaming services and shops they are available in.

• Combined Pages (Bridges)
Combine a download gate with a smart link. Let your fans decide if they want to stream, buy or follow you to download.

• Detailed Statistics
Keep track of the downloads, reposts, link clicks, preferred shops, top locations, downloaders and much, much more!

• Limit Downloads
Choose the number of free downloads you want to give away. The gate will lock once the download limit is reached.

• Responsive
TuneVoyage looks great on any device, any resolution!

• Music Catalog
TuneVoyage generates automatically a beautiful catalog with all of your gates and smart links, that encourages your visitors to browse trough more of your music.

• Categories / Genres
Setup your own categories and genres, let visitors filter your music by them and find what they want faster.

• Be Unique
Many customization options. Upload your own background or use the cover of the release as one, upload your own logo, custom browser title…

• SEO Friendly
Custom SEO friendly permalinks, facebook open graph tags.

Are you a skilled developer? API methods are available + easy to understand documentation and examples.

• Easy To Use
Easy to use admin side, detailed documentation and installation guide.

Supported Platforms
You can easily customize the social unlock options and let your fans support you in the following ways before they get their free download:

• SoundCloud: Follow up to 3 artists; favorite up to 3 tracks.
• YouTube: Subscribe to up to 3 channels, like up to 2 videos.
• Spotify: Follow up to 3 artist (main profile can be user), add/favorite up to 3 songs, follow a playlist
• Mixcloud: Follow up to 2 profiles; repost, like or like and repost a mix/radio show.

For smart links you can add links to these stores and services:
iTunes ,Beatport, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Traxsource, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon, Napster, Google Play, Bandcamp and Juno Download

⦁ See how your downloads are helping you grow on the different social networks.
⦁ Keep track of the downloads, see where your content was downloaded from and using what platforms.
⦁ Filter the statistics to only show downloads via a given network.
⦁ Check download statistics based on a time period, that you select.
⦁ See what’s your most popular song/item.
⦁ See what social networks are most preferred by your fans.
⦁ Keep track of the downloads for the current week, month and day.
⦁ Keep track on what stores get most link clicks.
⦁ See where your clicks are coming from (country/city)
⦁ Keep track of the total reposts, made by your fans and see who is the top reposter. (Mixcloud Only)
⦁ TuneVoyage will let you know how many new fans you have reached thanks to your free downloads.
⦁ and even more …
Detailed documentation on how to install, setup the download gates, obtain client ids and secrets for each platform and how to work with the system.

Still Wondering About Something?
A download gate is a landing page for your music where you give fans free downloads in exchange for social support (following you on a social website, liking/reposting your content). Rapidly grow your soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify and youtube fan base!

A smart link is a landing page for your music where you can list all of the stores and streaming services that it’s available in and convert more of your fans to streams or downloads. You can also see how many clicks each store can get, and see from what cities/countries people are streaming/downloading.

For each download gate you can choose what download options to give to your fans. They can choose one of the platforms you have included for the gate and connect with their profiles. Once they authorize the connection they will automatically follow you on a given social website, repost and/or like your content (depends on your settings). After that the download will be unlocked. You can choose to display more of your social media profiles and encourage fans to visit after their download is unlocked (twitter, facebook page…).
TuneVoyage is really flexible. You can setup different download options and rules for different gates. You can also upload your files directly to your server or chose to redirect the fans to another service like zippyshare and dropbox, if you want to save space on your hosting.

You can add all the links to the different stores and streaming services, that your release is available in, and the system will generate a beautiful landing page with the cover you uploaded, preview (soundcloud or youtube embedded player) and a custom url you have entered. There your fans can see the list with all the stores and choose where they want to stream or download from. This way you can leave only one download/purchase link in your emails, youtube videos, soundcloud descriptions, blog posts and etc. Simple and effective!
Smart links also help you understand where your clicks are comming from and what are the most preffered shops.

One of the most unique features, that TuneVoyage has is to combine download gates and smart links on one page! Some times artists and labels release their music for free, but also publish it on different streaming services (youtube, spotify, tidal) and music stores, for all of the hardcore fans who are always there to support! You can create both a smart link page with all of the links to stores and streaming services that the release is available in and a download gate. Then you can attach the smart link to the gate and create a “bridge”. Bridges are pages that allow your listeners to decide if they want to unlock the free download for social exchange or choose to stream/buy from one of the stores listed in your smartlink.

PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x, Apache + mod_rewrite for the custom permalinks, cURL.
Optional for the download gates: YouTube/Spotify/Soundcloud/Mixcloud API Client ID and secrets.

TrainEasy - Training Management & Registration System

Themeforest TrainEasy – Training Management & Registration System download

TrainEasy is a powerful and easy to use training management and registration application. It is designed for businesses, NGOs, religious bodies and individuals who organize any form of training program.

With TrainEasy, you get both a responsive website frontend for your Students and Site visitors as well as a powerful admin backend to administer your site and training programs.

TrainEasy also comes with a powerful content management system. Hence this application can serve as both your website (with information pages) as well as a student portal.

For detailed information about all the features of this application, please download our user guide.


Visit the Frontend
Use the following credentials to login as a student (optional):
Password: password


Login to the Backend

Use the following credentials to login:

Password: password

Log In


Session Management

Create multiple sessions and configure each session based on your needs. Optionally enable payment collection for session enrollment. The following payment methods are available: Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout and Paystack. TrainEasy supports all currencies.

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of key statistics of you application as well as quick access to recent records

Class Management

Create multiple classes and assign them to Sessions during Session creation.

Student Management

Students can register on the frontend of the application or can be added manually through the backend. TrainEasy also features a form builder that enables you to add as many registration fields and attributes to a student as you require.

Attendance Management

TrainEasy make it easy for you to monitor and log attendance records for your students. There are multiple attendance logging methods available that enable you set attendance either online or offline.

Online Tests

TrainEasy comes with a powerful online testing/assessment feature. Save yourself the paperwork and switch to TrainEasy’s computer based tests! Tests can be created with multiple options such as Time limit, Session restriction, Attempt limits etc. Students will see their results immediately after completing the test.

Revision Notes

TrainEasy allows you to create revision notes for each class that only enrolled students can access.

Student Discussions/Support

Student Discussions/Support: TrainEasy comes with an easy to use discussion module that enables students interact with their teachers/admins easily.

Lots of Settings!

TrainEasy enables you to configure lots of settings on your site. Change colors, set smtp mail credentials, change the text on menus, hide or show menu options and lots more!

Content Management System

Easily add new information pages to your site. TrainEasy’s content management system makes it very easy to manage pages on your site as well as your homepage.

Add slideshows, signup form, session calendar, text and more to your homepage in seconds.


TrainEasy comes with a simple blog feature with comments powered by Disqus.

And lots more!

Imgholdr - Image & Icon Placeholder

Themeforest Imgholdr – Image & Icon Placeholder download

Imgholdr is a placeholder that can use an image or an icon for your project.
URL Parameters

size *

Format: {width}x{height} 420×320


Background color in HEX Format. Use transparent for transparent background.


Font color in HEX Format.


Font size in pixel ( px ) format.


Default Font family: arial, impact and japanese. You can send the font to us to include it in the lists.


Available Fonts: Font Awesome 4.6.3, Ionics 2.0.1 and Glyphicons.


Your Message. Use the br to enter line breaks; none to remove text

eCourier & Cargo Management System

Themeforest eCourier & Cargo Management System download

Our courier softwares allows you to access and manage your online courier business from anywhere in the world, simply login via the password-protected administrative area and update/add things in real time. No need to install the software in each branch. We include Staff and Branch Manager Access for better performance. Our Php scripts are built for online businesses of all sizes and run on Php/Mysql enable server so you don’t have to worry about the headache of setting up a complex server environment. It is a software designed for companies that handle loads that require a system to monitor the logistics of storage and handling of cargo to its final destination, binding modules collection that will create automatic billing, according to the dimensions , weight and shape of said load handling.


Admin Access:
Admin Login: User & Pass: admin
Branch Manager Panel:
Staff Panel:

Frontend Features:

— Responsive Design.
— Online parcel tracking.
— Informative Menu.
— Branch Information.
— Branch Office Information.
— Easy Contact Form.
— Sponsor Information.
— Social LinkUP.
— SEO friendly URL.
— Company Information.
— And More….

Admin Panel Features:

— Secure Admin Panel.
— Fully Dynamic.
— Advance Dashboard.
— Branch Management System.
— Branch Manager Management System.
— All Courier Management.
— All Incoming Courier Details.
— All Outgoing Courier Details.
— All Branch Courier Details.
— Branch Based Courier Management.
— Branch Income Report.
— Branch Income Management.
— Branch Finencial Report.
— Branch Deposite Report.
— Branch Address Management.
— Branch Transection Management.
— Advance Searching system.
— Multiple Currency Management.
— All General Setting.
— Home Page Setting.
— TOP Home Page Setting.
— Button Home Page Setting.
— Slider Setting.
— Menu Setting.
— Sponsor Setting.
— Social Linkup Management.

Manager Panel Features:

— Secure Login.
— Informative Dashboard.
— All Branch Information.
— Branch Staff Management.
— Branch Incoming Courier Report.
— Branch outgoing Courier Report.
— Advance Search System.
— Branch Income Report.
— Branch Bonus Report.

STAFF Panel Features:

— Secure Login.
— Advance Dashboard.
— Others branch Information.
— Sent New Courier.
— Receive New Courier.
— Delivery Courier.
— Manage All Courier.

Support Fecility:

Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support:

Carspa - Car Wash & Workshop PSD Template

Themeforest Carspa – Car Wash & Workshop PSD Template download

Carspa-Car Wash & Workshop PSD Template files are well organized and named
accordingly so its very easy to customize and update.
Total 7 PSD files have been included.

We have included best practice of web development – you can create great website layout based on Twitter Bootstrap or Grid 1170px.

Template Features:

  • 7 PSD Files with Layer Styles.
  • PSD Well Organized, with named layers and groups
  • Images are not included
  • Free Fonts used
  • Material-design-icon & Flaticon
  • Google font used (Open Sans)
  • Fully Customizable
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Great Support
  • And many More….

7 PSD Files:

  • 01-home-page
  • 02-about-us
  • 03-services-page
  • 04-services-details
  • 05-news-page
  • 06-news-details
  • 07-contact-us

Font Used:

  • Open Sans (Text)

Icon Used:

  • Material-design-icon (Icons)
  • Flaticon (Icons)


If you need any help using the file or need special customizing please feel free to contact me via my Themeforest profile. If you have a moment, please rate this item, I’ll appreciate it very much!….Thank you.


please rate this item, I’ll appreciate it very much!….Thank you.

Edu Hub - College & Education PSD Template

Themeforest Edu Hub – College & Education PSD Template download

Edu Hub was especially created for all type of college & education business website niches. It has integrated bootstrap grid, what makes development process faster. This is a PSD Template especially designed for all type of colleges, universities, schools, campuses and many other relevant businesses in various fields. It includes 17 PSD files fully-layered and easy to customize.

If you love my work, I love you

P.S. Please note that neither the images nor the logo in the demo are available in the final package, but links for each are included inside documentation if you would like to purchase them.

The package includes the following PSD files:









10_Teacher Detailed

11_Become a Teacher



14_Event Detailed


16_Blog Single Post

17_Contact Us

18_Slider Alternatives


17 Layered PSD’s

Google Free Fonts Used

Active and Hover stats are Included

Well Organized Layers

Clean and Modern Style

1170px Grid System

Easy to Customize

Fonts Used:

  • Roboto Condensed
  • Flaticon Icons
  • Image Resources
  • Pixeden
  • If you need support, please send me an email using the contact form on my user page. I usually respond to support requests within 24 hours so please feel free to contact me with problems of any kind or even simple questions, I don’t mind responding.

    If you love my work, I love you

    P.S. Please note that neither the images nor the logo in the demo are available in the final package, but links for each are included inside documentation if you would like to purchase them.

    Man - One Page Resume/ CV & Personal Portfolio PSD Template

    Themeforest Man – One Page Resume/ CV & Personal Portfolio PSD Template download

    It is a CV/Resume & Portfolio PSD template. It is easy to customize, all the layers well organized to make any change easy to do without any problems.


    01. Home Page


    01. Raleway:
    02. Roboto:


    01. Font Awesome:
    02. Flat Icon:



    Note: Image are not included in main file.

    If you have any help to edit the template, please contact me via profile. After download the template, if you have any time please rate this.
    Thank you. Enjoy…